Making a Difference

"Jesus is our Lord and Savior. And why do I care? I care, because Jesus has done so much more for us like die on the cross for us so we could live in peace."


Dana Johnston

Recently Confirmed Member

God acts in Jesus Christ, the bread of life, reconciling us to God and to one another around the Lord's Table each week. We respond in faith by working for our neighbors' daily bread. 

Daily Bread 

21 November 2017

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service @ St. Peter's UCC, Skokie

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Worship - Sunday 10:30 a.m.

God is sharing the bread of life with a hungry world. With God's help and guidance, we respond to God's mission in four ways:

‚ÄúSack lunches make a difference, because they meet a need for people who are hungry and thirsty. But it's far more than that, because it does put a face on the hunger in there. We see the people we serve as not just hungry mouths but as friends we've come to know. They ask about us and we ask about them if we don't see them for a while, and they are our friends."


Janice Skillen

Sack Lunch Ministry Coordinator


"I think Jesus is very important, not only because he sacrificed himself for us when he was crucified, but because he sets a good example and inspires people to be like him: selfless, helping, and caring to others."


Aidan Alvarado

Recently Confirmed Member

18 November 2017

Family Fun Night

We are deeply connected to one another's daily bread, those things that sustain and protect life. Our estrangement from God through sin alienates us from one another causing us to act in ways that prevent our neighbors from receiving their daily bread.


19 November 2017

Youth Club

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our Mission